About us

We’re a team of students and a coordinating professor from the Journalism Department at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, from Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

We have just engaged in an exploratory journey that will show us and you how rich and informative social sciences are for the journalistic practice. Throughout the semester, we will explore topics central to sociology, anthropology, social psychology and political sciences. Our mission is to explore how these topics ‘happen’ in the social reality that surrounds us, from our grassroots existance within our families and peer groups, to the macro-level of globalizing cultures and de-territorialized social dynamics. Keep close, as we will update the sections of this blog with photographs, articles and multimedia items that will point at current, more or less visibile social problems that we will frame and code with the interpretive and analytical tools of social sciences. You can read the outline of our classes here. Enjoy ! 🙂

keep-calm-and-love-social-sciencesAntonia Macaria

I like photography and design, I am a creative person who dares to dream big (choosing this faculty wasn’t one of my big dreams to be honest). I love animals, especially dogs, my dog is the living proof of that. I love being curious and I love to discover new things each day. My perception of life is that it is better to accept things that I cannot control and rather focus on having a positive attitude all the time.

Maria Purcariu

Polyglot (proudly speaking seven languages) and linguistics maniac, suffering from logolepsy, recently confirmed Weber fanatic, I am a mathematics enthusiast healing my frustration for not studying it through constantly discovering peculiarities and exploring obscure topics.

Bogdan Sucilă

76 kilos of organic matter, calcium, iron, and phosphorous, bound together by a thick layer of ignorance and self-sufficiency. The rest is just wandering thoughts that no one cares about, and that will probably die with me. After all, ‘life itself is only a vision, nothing exists but empty space and you, and you are but a thought’. I hope this sounds intellectual enough.

Irina Hentea

“Simplicity is the most sophisticated thing” said da Vinci. I believe that to find simplicity is to find beauty and I hope to pursue this whether it is in journalism, psychology, social sciences, art, music and whatever interesting domain I may come across in the future.

Larisa Rusu

I believe that stories are a powerful tool to connect. I try to find meaning and get a better understanding of life through travelling, music, good pieces of writing and experiences. Seeking to explore inner and outer worlds with creativity and let passions overrule monotony.

Diana Cristolţean

Curios individual interested in everything related to Asia. Will most likely cheerfully pop up and link everything you say to some relevant Korean, Japanese or Chinese facts. Can pack in 15 minutes when it comes to sudden journeys. Rainy days and inexpensive food make her happy. Believes that knowledge is the only thing that’s never wasted.

Laura Vlasa

Incredibly talented and also extremely modest videographer, movie geek, photography neophyte, and Tolkien lover with high hopes that in another life I’ll be an elf. Pro at bad decision-making and good friend of all kinds of liquor, two things that are known to be horrible together.

Elisabeth Boteanu

Between reading books and drinking tea, I used to enjoy writing. But after 3 years of Journalism I forgot about my passion and I became more interested in other stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy our website.

Vlad Cocostîrc

Calm, peaceful, mediocre and ignorant. I enjoy watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, debating and discussing politics, reading science related articles and hiking. Last but not least, I enjoy being lazy and I’m a top-notch procrastinator.

Adela Morar 

I enjoy travelling and meeting new cultures. Also, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Regarding this website, we are a group of young journalists who wish you a pleasant staying on our blog.

Roxana Pop

I am 21 years old and writing is one of my hobbies. I like to experience new things and share themes with new people. I also study law, so I want through my papers to raise reactions and try to change something. I am dynamic and energetic, so you will find my energy through my articles. Enjoy!

Lena Ariño

I am a shy and contemplative person. I like to observe and analize everything around me and that is why my pleasure to observe behind my camera developed. It´s easy for me solving problems and adapting to situations. I like to see the life from different perspectives, always trying to choose the positive side of each circumstance. I believe that the perception of life which we have can define us and orient towards a particular future. Stay positive!

Sergiu Țopan 

I believe the world is evil and everyone in it. I will make you believe that too with the articles I’m going to write and the pictures I’m going to take. No video though, I can’t edit for shit. Also, not a single person will read these descriptions, so titty sprinkles.

Adriana Nistor

We need society to become a better person because only together we can form a unity. I believe traveling made me realize that we are not so different from each other and that we can improve ourselves by interacting more. My name is Adriana and I’m mad about discovering new persons, cultures and beauty in the world. I like to see this beauty through the lens of the camera so probably my part on this blog will be formed from photos and articles regarding the currents aspects. Have a good reading!

Dan Dracea

I’m a narcissistic, introvert genius that has not come out of his shell yet. I like to think that other people like my sense of humor and my way of thinking and do not hate me too much for who I am. First and foremost, I enjoy sports, both watching them and practicing them. I’m eager to become an international sports writer and make my way to becoming a respected opinion leader in the written sports media. I like to write, but only when I’m in the mood, so maybe that’s a thing I can work on in the near future.

Raluca Igreț 

For me is pointless to define myself as an individual, when we all experiment the same life.

Ruxandra Pătrașcu 

I prefer to be called Ruxi or Rux. I don’t think that I have enough space here in order to actually describe myself, but I can tell you some words that fit me perfectly: curious, imaginative, creative, intriguing, energetic, spontaneous, optimistic, ambitious, crazy, loyal, caring, and mostly, intoxicated with dizziness. Timid might be one of my words, but it depends on the situation. When I am not feeling comfortable or I find myself in a strange or new environment, I tend to lay low and listen, observe and analyse.

Few hobbies: filming, taking photos, writing, listening to music, dancing and travelling.

A non-actual problem is the fact that I might get bored easily. I dream of becoming an explorer and worthy storyteller. Vision(or a dog) is something that I am still searching for. Anyhow, this video will give you a broader perspective of what I am talking about:

Mircea Crișan 

I’m not the most sociable person one can meet and I’m definetly not someone you’d like to be teamed up with when it comes to group work, because cooperation and syncronisation with others is not my cup of tea. I like reading (anything that’s not included in course biography) and playing PC games. Though I was never into social sciences and I don’t see the relevance of this course towards my potential future as a journalist, I will do my best to provide you with at least readable articles.

Ioana Mihăilă

I am usually a happy person, I like to laugh a lot and to meet interesting people. Today’s society, for me, is in a continuous struggle for redescovering itself. Through Social Sciences I hope to find out more about people’s behaviour and their tendency to act for their individual welfare and not for the people close to them as well.Visit us to find out our view on the social conduct of the society!

Andra Florescu

Nothing to say. Just find things yourself!

Valentin Boteanu

I find it hard to describe myself. Not because I have a complex personality, but because I change with everything i read or watch. Anything that has an effect on me changes me and becomes part of me. That being said I enjoy a good laugh once in a while and a believe in Karma and my quest in life is to find out if she is or not, a bitch.


I’m a caffeinated sugar induced jackrabbit, I run laps in my head in dizzying circles around theoretical, hypothetical and practical constructs, I run so fast my body cant keep up with the surge of ideas,  the of stress of chaos, I see it all and I understand little, it’s frustrating, overwhelming and at the same time reinvigorating. I am alive! It’s fast, so fast at times I just stop and awe in my inability, my immutability in finding a decision worth deciding upon, for I twirl and dance in my head, the universe and all it’s creation is clay in the ‘hands’ of he who knows all is in fact nothing, but my body stays still, paralyzed by my mind, not to offend not to disturb not to deviate… but I am a deviant, a challenger of ‘what is’, because ‘what is’ is often something I don’t want to be, for I wish to catch up with my body where my mind is fleeing.

Catalin Andrei Itu – journalist at Antena 1 & Antena Stars

Dr. Whoifof – sociologist, activist, aspiring downshifter, SF aficionada, explorer of dystopia and utopian dreamer, urban gardener, lecturer in social sciences
I’m equally using my mind and my emotions in the pursuit of authenticity, both within myself and in the relationships with all my ‘others’, be them significant or generalized. I strongly believe that social sciences provide us with invaluable tools to understand the world and our place in it and thus to become aware, to practice critical thinking, to care and to act.
I mostly wear the goggles of symbolic interactionism and regard our being in the world as acting on a stage – a performance imbued with symbols and meaning. This is particularly helpful in understanding where we are for students who make their first contact with a structured approach to their lives. Sociology is not fancy. Each of us is a sociologist, each of us knows how family works, how media communicates, how religion and education teach us, how differences arise and affect us. Let’s just hold hands and approach this knowledge in a structured manner. We might find treasures !


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  1. Hey, my name is Nufar and I am interested to know if I can use your image here of the child crying wth the hand on his neck for a leaflet on cyber bullying

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