My world in 2050

2050 means 34 years from now. That means that I’ll be around 56 years old. Probably I’ll end up alone with a lot of cats, or with a husband and kids, and maybe grandchildren. But how the world will be in 2050?

Probably everything is going to have next level technology. So me as an 54 years old lady, I’ll probably do my grocery shopping by touching on the screen of my fridge some food icons and ordering them directly home and probably I’ll get them in less than an hour. People think it’s going to be an apocalyptic era, with a lot of steel and cement, without any green forest to surround us. But I would like to be more optimistic, and to think that people will start caring more about nature, and will probably start building artificially forests, lakes, and artificial places for animals which are endangered to survive, and to help them multiply.

The small villages from the country sides will turn into cities and the blocks that we have now in the cities, will turn into gigantic sky-scrapers, covering the stars and the moon in the sky at night with a thick black blanket. The natural forests won’t longer exist. Nearly half of the Amazon rainforest is going to be deforested because of the lack of enforcement in the protected areas, but, hopefully will be artificially reforested.

Flying cars? I don’t think so. Yes the auto mobiles will change, they will probably become smaller, hitech and safer because of the increased living costs and the environmental factors. People will chose to live and work alone, so the number of children per couple will decrease and the smaller vehicles will be preferred.

No flying cars, but the air planes will be more than planes. I’m sure that the airline accidents will decrease and dead people in airline accidents won’t exist. By 2050 planes should be a lot more quiet and clean than they are now. Safety and comfort would be the main priority of an airline company.

What I have heard that they started developing even now and it probably will exist by 2050 are the genetically engineered designer babies for the rich. Because of the development of the ability to manipulate DNA, wealthy parents of the future will have the option of creating the “perfect” babies in laboratories. By choosing the best hereditary traits as gender, height, skin, eye and hair color, and other characteristics can be programmed into the prior birth embryo, which is than going to grow in an artificial uterus. Which will lead than to the manipulation of the brain in order to improve the baby’s intelligence, personality and behavior.

So maybe my grandchildren will be super intelligent and will save the earth from dying in 2050, or probably my cats will.


Cecilia Gergely


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