Where do we come from? Where do we go?

When you ask the average person, who made humans, he will probably answer God made humans. And that would be true to a certain extend because if you believe in God than you also believe that God created everything so technically everything that’s ever been created would be under God. But if you think a bit, certain things make certain things. What was first the egg or the chicken? Are humans the first thing that God created? Or do humans result from somebody else or something else?

We have the technology right now and we have it for a few decades now to create robots that are becoming smarter and smarter or to clone animals. So let’s say we build a robot with its own consciousness or it has its own artificial intelligence to think and it has its own entity. So if we are the creator of the robot, that would mean that we are the robots God. Even if we are not able to create everything God created, and cannot create all the things, we as humans can create a lot of things which would make us like God. Cloning for example, if we clone a monkey, that means that in existence that would make us it’s God. So what if we were created by someone or something else, who has the scientific  ability that we have, only a lot longer ago, and played around with DNA’s and created us.  If you think about the fact that us like human species, millions of years ago started as cave mans with sticks and fire and rocks and no progression at all, and then suddenly we had reading, writing, farming, agriculture, instead of running around like animals,  people started to settle, build communities, without understanding the link between the two . So millions of years humans walked around like an ape, and then suddenly, they get the ability to read, write, make music, communicate and technology.

Scientists today state that there was no such thing as a separation of time from one type of homo  specie to another. The Homo Neanderthal and modern man, both lived at the same time. So there was no gap. So we went from billions of years being caveman whom couldn’t speak, just beat things up with sticks and bones and rocks to all the sudden agriculture and modern society.

So what I want to say and raise a question for you to think about  is what if there was another specie, or another race, that had the technology to alter the DNA of the caveman, making in into more intelligent being. Creating Humans.

Just think about it.



Cecilia Gergely


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