Human Part 3 – Privilege?

The Bertrand documentary Human ends with part 3 in which the main focus is on privilege, what privilege you have as a human is being one, you have the ability to make your life a privilege, to change something or be something.

The first privilege is being alive, being born than having the ability to give more to the world by having and taking care of other humans (yours and not only). And sometimes one privilege overruns the other. Like yes, you can do all these things in the world but you most probably won’t have everything because that is somehow another nature of the human, to have certain privileges given by birth than by status, financial situation and well, position (geographical or hierarchical or another type of position).

What as humans try is change our privileges which in some content might mean losing other (and this is a daaa, obvious but, is it that obvious) or if we cannot change the privileges we have we can assure privileges for other people, for our kids for example.


“My son will not be like me. He will have a better life if we can afford it”
“What an exceptional person to be facing death and say “I’m not giving up I’m going to help people and make them believe in themselves”” Use your privilege to help other, to create paths and privileges for other people. It’s not only the teachers or trainers that can do that, it’s every human from parents to friends to neighbors to people from other parts of the world like the people in this documentary. Don’t these 2000 people who answered 40 questions create privileges for us? Of course, they do, they educate us, they teach us they open and broad our views upon the world, upon the identity of a human being and the ability to create something wonderful instead of destroying.

But the truth and sadness is that some people have more or other privileges than you and inequality is visible. Even though we are all humans and that is a privilege, in a world that is filled with other privileges and actually lack of them for some people the idea of having a privilege is not just possible.

So what does a human have to do, first discover the idea that there are privileges and try to obtain them by of course maybe sacrificing the privilege and idea of being a human being, work and do things that seem inhuman…

For the privilege to be considered human in society you need to do inhuman choices (leave your kids, work until exhaustion and many other or leave yourself at the mercy of some other humans).

“You have to leave the jungle…but let me live” a powerful and longer message from a refugee (a refugee from more than one country) whose desire is to just be left, to not be in the jungle anymore and the jungle doesn’t only represent a certain part of the world but the parts where your own and very right to leave and be human are taken away.

And what we all should be is citizens of the world but the justice lays in others man’s hand because the other man has a privilege which you don’t have. Many humans have suffered the injustices caused by other humans when in fact the idea was to assure privileges to each other.

So what is the meaning of our existence? I would say: to live and not take or harm the privilege of another human being especially not the privilege of being alive and a human in all means of nature (emotions, thoughts and rights).


Raul Mihai Poias


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