Women discrimination in Romania

From history we know that women did not have the same rights as the men had. There were a lot of issues that emphasized the big differences between these two genders and the discrimination was made properly, not involuntary how happens nowadays. It is known that women did not have the right to vote, to express their opinion, to work or do other things that men were allowed to. For the first time in Romania history, women got the right to vote in 1938 through the afferent Constitution even though the right to vote was given to those who received an academic education up to 30 years. This fact lead to a drastic reduction number of voters. With the time, the things evolved and women got the entire right to vote.

Even though nowadays the women have the same rights as the men have, there still an invisible discrimination that happens inside of each domain, no matter its ways. Whether we are speaking about high positions or subtle remarks hinted at a woman’s body or words/ expressions that speaks about the so called stupidity or inability of a woman to do the same things a man can do. It is visible even in the press, often a woman is criticized for her body, her choices or opinions. There are many stereotypes regarding women, their strengths, their ability to do tough things such as driving, conducting some companies, having subordinates and many others.

Most people still believe that the role of the woman, especially the Romanian woman (Romanian beliefs) should be around the house. Her abilities should focus on giving birth, taking care of the children, raising and giving them a reasonable education, meantime the man should bring stability in the house, money and safety.

The mentality seems to be that a woman cannot bring money into the house, cannot take care of herself and also cannot build a successful career by her own powers. There are no statistics which can prove this conception, but is seeable how the women are treated. For instance, if a woman decides to not have children she is strongly criticized by the society even by fellow women. People think that after those women get married this pre-conception it will be changed, because the need to have a family increases and also this can be a man desire, as well. By this fact, we are reaching the problem that again the women cannot take their own decision regarding their body. They will be affected by the others’ opinion, for instance when a woman dress differently without taking into consideration what the society imposes, in a way or another she will be affected by what the others say of her way of dressing, either by being excluded from the group or either having small voices in her head, society’s voices, unconsciously telling her she is not ok and she is not fitting anywhere.

In the conclusion, speaking about rights, women do have the ability to take their own choices, to build a career, to evolve personally and professionally even if any of her choices will be actually criticized no matter of the consequences.


Elena Ursu


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