When I think of the problems of the world, the first thing that comes to my mind is… Pollution

Mihaela Grosu

The problem of pollution is one of the greatest global challenges faced by humanity.  Among the risks of  pollution is not only  the fact that it is harmful to living organisms, but it also causes the Earth’s changing climate.

Due to harmful human activities, over the past 200 years, the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by almost 30%. Nevertheless, humanity continues to burn fossil fuels and to destroy forests. The process of contamination is so colossal, that it leads to global environmental problems. Air pollution occurs also as a result of other human activities. Burning fuel is accompanied by the release of sulfur dioxide. With the exhaust gases by cars, in the atmosphere it is released a big amount of nitrogen oxides. In addition, we should not forget the fine particulate pollutants, such as smoke and dust.

As a result of air pollution, the atmosphere receives, annually, about 20 billion tons of harmful gases like carbon dioxide. The accumulation of greenhouse gases interferes with the normal heat exchange between Earth and  cosmos, inhibits heat accumulated as a result of economic activities and natural processes.

Further accumulation of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere will lead to the melting of glaciers and the rise of the sea level. Shifting climatic zones will cause catastrophic floods, droughts and dust storms. Human health will be worse, the range of parasites and carriers of dangerous infections will expand.

Another consequence of global atmospheric pollution, with which humanity has faced is the destruction of the ozone layer.  The stratospheric ozone, which absorbs the harsh ultraviolet radiation of the Sun, collapses due to industrial emissions containing chlorine and bromine, as well as due to Freon gases, widely used in various industries and households.

Speaking about the environmental effects of air pollution, it is necessary to mention the phenomenon of acid rain resulting from air emissions of oxides of acid and some other substances.

It is obvious that our planet is facing a problem that can not be defeated without our help. Let’s start doing something. Don’t let YOUR HOME be RUINED!



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