Raluca Handoca

When in 2016 there are still millions of people have to live with less than a dollar a day I believe that poverty is the number one global problem. Ending poverty is one of the goals that many people have and is still not achieved.

The problem is that the lack of money brings lack of food and shelter. This causes poor health that leads to terrible diseases and eventually to death by starvation, cold, and other medical conditions. Another thing that a poop person can miss is education. Not being able to go to school when a child is supposed to will only make it harder to begin later. There are only a few cases in which poor kids end up with a degree. The lack of education leads to the lack of jobs. I strongly believe that the minimum education should be more accessible to everyone. Once a young student finds a passion it can come easier for them to pursue it.

Not having a proper job might lead to violence and unorthodox ways of making money. Prostitution for instance is mostly practiced by uneducated women coming from poor families, this also leading to health issues. Abuse also is a problem that poor people encounter, whether is physical or labor abuse, due to being more vulnerable.

The World Bank’s “Voices of the Poor,” based on research with over 20,000 poor people in 23 countries, identifies a range of factors which poor people identify as part of poverty. These include:

  • Abuse by those in power
  • Dis-empowering institutions
  • Excluded locations
  • Gender relationships
  • Lack of security
  • Limited capabilities
  • Physical limitations
  • Precarious livelihoods
  • Problems in social relationships
  • Weak community organizations
  • Discrimination

When it comes to solutions for ending poverty I believe that there are simple things that everyone can make in order to help others. Things like volunteering and donating to causes that help people in need are the easiest way to help. Food waste is another thing that could be reattributed, instead of buying more than we need and then throwing away food that has gone bad, we could easily take more well-balanced decisions.

There are more things that could be solved by the governments. Health care and education more accessible to everyone, increasing the minimum wage and maybe controlling the overpopulation are just a few of the factors that need changing in the entire world in order to diminish poverty.

“Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them”


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