When I think of the problems of the world, the first one that comes to my mind is… Inequality

Iulia Craciun

Inequality is all around us, but we are so used with it, that sometimes we overlook it and consider it normal.

When we say the word inequality a certain set of images pop in our head. We think about poor kind in developing countries, women who are forced to cover their faces in male dominated culture, people of different colours not having the same opportunities as white people, and people with different sexual orientation having certain rights denied. This is the big picture when we are talking about inequality, and it is one of the side effects of discrimination.

To put all of this in a simple way, inequality is about not everybody having equal chances. Yes, it is important to try to diminish the inequality between the sexes, to try to give the poor kids the same chances a rich kid might have, and so on. These are big problems which require a lot of work and which we have to solve as human kind.

It might look like, in terms of equal chances, at least for the western world, we are doing pretty well. We let women work alongside man and they have a voice, we have scholarships and other benefits for the poor kids, we do not encourage racism and we seem to not care about one’s sexual orientation. All seems fine, doesn’t it? Well, it is not. Women and men do share the workplace, but there are a lot of cases when they are paid differently. A lot of cases where having a baby mean that your chances to get a promotion are diminishing. A good example in this direction is the open letter wrote by Jennifer Lawrence, last year. In that letter she talked about the wage inequality in the movie industry. There are a lot of examples on how inequality is still part of our daily lives, it is just we are so used with it that we cannot see it anymore or we just decided to ignore it.

It is important to understand the fact that equality is more than just equal chances. There is a drawing, on the internet that shows us that equal chances do not mean giving everything the same thing. Equal chances or opportunities means that everybody gets what they need. In that drawing there are three kids, of different heights, watching over a fence. If we give everyone the same thing, that means that the tall kid will still see better over the fence, then the other two. Giving everyone what they need, means the tall kid does not get a wooden box to help him look over the fence, while the medium height one and the short one get the boxes. This does not meant that they will see better over the fence then the tall kid. It does means that every kid has the same view over the window.


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