When did naked became the new trend?!

Mihaela Grosu

It is said that a modern human dresses more freely and informal. But this statement is quite misleading. It seems that people dress what and how they want and they finally got rid of the rules of costume etiquette, which once determined the existence of people in society – yes, the old rules are rejected, but they were quickly replaced by the unwritten rules of today.

While we passed through different eras, modesty rules have suffered some changes, but the basic principle remained the same: the more puritanical a society was, the more carefully it was supposed to hide your body. An example of the extremes in this matter is the way women dress in some Arab countries. They’re hiding not only their body but also its shape. In these countries, a woman has never appeared in public without a dense veil, and only her husband knew how she really looks.

In England it was considered indecent even to pronounce the word “foot”. The stairs leading from the bathing cabins to the sea were covered with a curtain so people could not see the persons in bathing suits – and it was only a hundred years ago.

Nowadays, people are not ashamed of showing off their bodies at all. Moreover, it exists beaches where you can stay naked with no shame. Seems like it became a trend to show much skin with every occasion you have. Skirts and dresses got shorter and  blouses got more low-cut. We can see them everywhere: on TV screens in movies, commercials, clubs and even in schools, which is definitely inappropriate.

Seems like, in comparison with old times, except Arab countries, people completely forgot about inhibitions. It’s true that we live in an era where everyone has the freedom of choice but let’s not forget about decency.


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