The techno-globalization era

Mihaela Grosu

The daily life of a modern human is not lived without the participation of constantly “flowing stream” of information from the TV screen or fiber optic and wireless Internet channels, from which we get our data via a monitor screen or a tablet. Moreover, the daily life of a person can’t be imagined without a mobile phone, which also provides information.

That’s how we live in a “hell”, dealing with exhausting work  while around us, colorful screens are showing  a demo version of a “paradise”, a perfect life which we actually observe somewhere in the distance, from a screen.

Let’s clarify, what does it mean techno-globalization? According to the classical definition of globalization, it is a process of global economic, political and cultural integration and unification. From my point of view, its economic, political and cultural aspects are a consequence of the development of information and telecommunication technologies that made globalization possible. Techno-globalization denotes a global pervasion in generating technological knowledge and exploiting innovations with a technological content.

Through techno-globalization, people are getting brainwashed more and more. Companies are taking advantage of people’s addiction to technologies and, by all means, are using every chance in order to get what they want. Do you know all those annoying ads that are on every site and are desperately trying to get your attention? Well, this is thanks to techno-globalization. While companies are getting more known, you are getting more spammed.

Though, we can’t overlook the positive change that techno-globalization has on us. Now, we have instantaneous communication as business partners or in a company-client relation. In fact, the new technologies have brought about major improvements in the way work is organized. Less wanted tasks have been taken over by machines; light, flexible technologies allow workers to organize themselves so that they instruction the technology instead of vice versa; and new materials-handling devices permit the layout of appliances to fit particular work corporations.


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