My world in 2050

Iulia Craciun

How the world will look like 30 years from now on? We will finally have those bright colored flying cars or we will live in a post apocalyptic, lawless world?

I still remember those compositions I had to write as a child about how we think the world will look like in 2020 or 2025. At that age (primary school) I did not tought that I will be able to live in those times we had to write  about. I still remember that most of us would write about flying cars and funny looking people who live into space. That kind of bright future was what we were hoping for. Then, at some point, things changed. Things became darker. Everything around us was presenting us a really dark and scary future: post apocaliptycal societies where people lived in constant fear and in a mockery oof what we call liberty, a world which will find it’s end in the most dramatic way, and so on. Of course, we still have our heroes. Our heroes are different, though. They are usually teenagers or young adults who got themselves in a war far beyond their powers, and which have the fate of the world entrusted upon them. Those characters are flowed, and just as human as everyone of us. I think that is way we are able to relate to them. They are, in a way or another, representing our generation. They want a better world, they have to fight for their vision, they learn the important things in life, sometimes they find themselves cought up in plans and situations where they had no word, in a few words they show us that not only exceptional people are able to change the world.

This is how the future looks like now, and that vision sems to be here to stay, at least for a while. What I realised lately is that is not important how the will change, the important thing is how we decide to behave in regard with those changes. So, we should change the question and ask ourselves not how the world will look like in 20, 30 or 40 years but how the people would be at that point in history? Will we learn the lessons the history thaught us through the time or we will repeat the mistakes of the past?

In the end, it is not important how you envision the world will look like when you’ll be fifty years old, but it is important how you will react at the things which happen around you and if you’ll strive to make a difference.


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