Overpopulation, money and all the other problems of the world are interconnected. Lots of people need lots of money, food and other supplies. We face overproduction, waste as much as famish in places, where our wasted food has actually started to get produced.

Bégányi Imola


If we think deeply about all the other problems of the world, aren’t most of them generating from one thing? Greed, the fuel of money has already led to major problems during history. It is the same today, only that the largest thefts are happening undercover, without being said out loud. It is not the state tax that mostly deprives us from our money, but those huge companies who get rich by two methods: employing people in third world countries on a way below than average income, then selling stuff to us on a higher price as the actual production cost. The gap between their payment and our prices is the actual profit for the company. And that’s where the money goes, in the hand of powerful corporations and their status isn’t something that can be brought down just like that because they can buy anything. As known some of them have a larger revenue than an actual country’s GDP.

It is rather tragic that in the 21st century we can still talk about human slavery. Unfortunately most of the products we use have been produced unethically, and these companies have grown big by small people’s sweat and unpaid efforts. It is also a shame that the name of these companies and brands are rarely spoken out loud, usually we tend to refer to them as „the companies”. But almost all of them use human slavery for e.g. H&M, Gap, Nestlé, Mars, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Apple and many many more, from chocolate, sugar, tires and of course weed.

Actually when I was trying to find lists of these companies I had to browse more than I usually do. I also have to mention that some articles have been removed on this topic. What else could be in the backstage than the hands of corporations?

And this is just one side, the third world side of what money does to people. But unfortunately even in our developed regions, we face struggles on a daily basis because of the unbalance of prices and incomes. Many people can’t afford to send their kids to study because higher education has unbelievably high tuition fees. Families broke into pieces because the members move abroad in the hope of a better income, but sometimes it is not our payment that has to be changed but the prices that keep increasing. People die in hospitals because they can’t afford the price of surgeries and organs, or not even basic meds. The income of average families go for basic needs, and it takes time to save up for a holiday or something that actually brings joy.

As I see, our whole life is constructed around money. We go to school, so then we can go to uni, so we can have a job, so we can have a pension when we’re retired. Isn’t this more like a money-cycle rather than life-cycle? Weren’t two financial world crises enough, when each time the average society has had to suffer?

If money wasn’t invented than probably a non-monetary, in debt society would also show the same inequalities as today’s. It has always been a desire of people to become rich, but rich can’t exist without the poor. I wonder if there will ever be a change, a world where at least people get well paid for their work, a world where I don’t spend all my money on food (that seems to be more and more expensive) and where not money is defining our everyday life.

Probably money will never disappear unless an apocalypse strikes.


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