Marriage in the new age

Mihaela Grosu

Since the beginning of times, marriage was the biggest purpose in life for both, men and women. They used to get marry at an early age and make a lot of children. Men were supposed to work in order to provide their family with all the needs and women stayed at home with the kids and managed with all the housework.

In time, with the gender equality development, women got more confident in their forces and started to be preoccupied with their carriers. They got to be more than housewives. They got more independent and the urge need of a man is no longer needed. Now they can buy what they want by their own, they can say and justify their own point of view. These things had a major impact on marriage needs.

I read a comment online once, saying “ it’s not like I don’t love him, I just don’t feel like I need him, I don’t feel secure. It’s like I’m better on my own.” And there are dozens of women thinking the same way.

A research from 2015 indicates that about one in five adults in the U.S. (adult in this case meaning 25 years old or older), or about 42 million Americans, have never been married. Comparing that to data from the 1960 Census when just one in ten adults 25 or older had never been married, or about 9% of all American adults it gets clear that marriage isn’t the institution it once was.

Though, scientists have proven that married people live a longer and a happier life, seems that it’s not enough argument for people to get marry.

Relationships nowadays are based more on needs aspect, I’m feeling lonely, I want and need sex or I can’t stand being alone. At this pace, marriages will be something unusual in some years. What do you think?


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