Is Cloning the future?!

Mihaela Grosu

From the beginning of the times it is known that death is the end of the journey called life. However, nowadays, with the progress science made, it’s a debatable theme. People are trying to find out new ways of survival. One of the solutions may be cloning.

Cloning is the production of a genetic duplicate of an existing organism. Basically, a human clone would be the exact copy of another human. One of the most common cloning technique is Somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT. It involves placing the nucleus of a body cell into an egg from which the nucleus has been removed. This makes a clonal embryo, which is triggered to begin developing with chemicals or electricity. Placing this cloned embryo into the uterus of a female animal and bringing it to term creates a clone, with genes identical to those of the animal from which the original body cell was taken.

Though the progress which can be obtained with cloning, many international agreements and countries (though not the United States) formally prohibit it. Some disapprove reproductive cloning because of safety considerations. Animal cloning is seldom successful, and many scientists believe that reproductive cloning can never be made safe. Human reproductive cloning would also threaten the psychological well-being of cloned children, open the door to more powerful genetic manipulation technologies, and raise other social and ethical concerns.

Thanks to cloning, parents that don’t  have the conditions to born a child can create a baby genetically related to them. Parents that have lost a child could bring him back in the form of his clone. Also, endangered species could be saved by cloning. So, what do you think, is it cloning a new way to extend life or not?


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