Do we really understand each other?

Iulia Craciun

We like to think that globalization made things easier, especially when we try to understand interracial relations, but did it actually?

When we talk about cultures and the differencies between them, there are many things we won’t be able to get if you don’t spent time in that specific culture, and sometimes, if you are not part of that specific culture.

As I said before we like to think that globalization made it easier for us to relate at different cultures because we are exposed to different cultures, but the question remains: Are we actually understanding each other? We know a lot more things about each other than our parents and grendparents. That knowledge makes us less susceptible to racism or other forms od discrimination, but we are still far from completely understanding each other.

Most of the world is exposed to the western culture, mainly through American pop culture exports, and a lot of people study English at a certain point in their lives. Studying a language and becoming accustomed with certain subtilities does gives you a better understanding of a certain culture, and so do the cultural products. Despite all that familiarity, we cannot assume that all the countriess which can be included under the label western culture, are like United Kingdom or United States. Every country has it’s own specificities and development through out the history. What makes a culture unique are those things which a foreigner is not able to pick up easily. Those things which you have to explain and which leave people slightly intrigued at the end. Those are the things which usually make us proud to be part of a certain culture and those are the things which make travellingg one of the most satisfactory experience a human being can have.

In the end, it is important that we learned to appreciate the things that makes us unique and that being different is not a bad thing, just a different perspective. Maybe will never fully understand each other, and there will always be people and situations which will emphasize those differencies. In those situations we have to keep in mind the fact that we are all human, and the color of the skin or the language that you speak are hold little to no importance.


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