Mihaela Grosu

What if people could have a medium where they could share every moment of their life? Where they could keep in touch with old friends and make new ones? Maybe these were the thoughts of those who developed social media, one of the most powerful tools of our century.

The first social networking of its kind was the social service, established in 1995, however, the boom in the development of online social networks started in 2003 – 2004 with the appearance of MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, Facebook, which is currently the most popular social network with a monthly audience exceeding 1 billion. users.

These networks provide users the chance to present themselves through a personal page, convenient communication tools like messages and comments, the ability to share photos, videos and thoughts on every subject that concerns them.

There’s no doubt social media is helping people interacting with each other. However, instead of connecting people, is happening the reverse. People started to replace their life with social media. They believe that talking to people on social media is the same thing as in real life. But it’s not. Relationships can’t be built online.

When was the last time when you were out without wireless or 4G connection? When were you at a friends reunion without checking your digital world?! Let me answer it for you. Never! Seems that we can’t keep disconnected with our social media accounts even when we’re supposed to live the moment in our real world. We fell the need to post everything: where we are, with who and what do we feel. Even in the middle of a party you can hear a friend: Nobody made a check-in?!

Let’s start appreciating things for real. Let’s start seeing nature without filters. Let’s start living a REAL LIFE.


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