Raluca Handoca

This week I saw a video in which a guy wanted to pay for things and services using only his smartphone for a month. At some point he ended up implanting a chip in his hand, this being connected to an app that has his credit card information and allowing him to pay with his bare hand.

Here is the video:

I was as shocked as the man from the register when I first saw the video but then it got me thinking about how awesome is technology today. This is revolutionary and I can definitely see people using this way of payment. It is true that even mobile phone payment technology is still pretty new and not a lot of people use it but this changes the game. Would people be interested in implanting a chip in some part of their body just to stop caring a wallet? Most likely!  But the bigger question is if at some point we will get rid of cash. I, for one, prefer using a credit card over cash any time. Unfortunately, in Romania phone payments are not popular at all so I can’t really use my phone to make my life easier, but when they will be, I would consider the chip technology.

The world is changing every day and this is proof that we are getting to a point where life will be easier. It is only normal that the society has evolved since the time when people were bargaining for goods. Then currency came along and things changed. I believe that the next change will be giving up the money in solid form.

I have read comments on this experiment that this would be the mark of the beast, a biblical reference to a mark that acts as a seal for the follower of antichrist, and that this is just a way of the government to see your every move. For the religious aspect of this I believe that if money is the dung of the devil why would it matter in which form they come? As for the political aspect, it is indeed something to worry about if you have something to hide.

Like anything else this technology has supporters and haters. I strongly believe that evolution will lead to similar technologies, probably even more advanced than paying for something with your hand.


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