There is a contradiction nowadays, that the more connected we become electronically, the more isolated we are from each other in real life. We have become bypassers.

Bégányi Imola


I am not sure if social media has made us become more isolated from each other or our inability to use it consciously and responsibly. It is a well known fact that social network sites make audiences more fragmented, but I also think it makes us ignorant and rude. We spend more time online than with actual friends or engaging in actual physical activities. Most of the people have become selfish, lonely or just simply locked out of the reality. Living a whole lifetime or years of our life in a virtual world doesn’t count as life. It counts as unnecessary distraction, that transforms into an addiction or at least into an everyday habit. Because what else do we do firstly as we wake up than check our phone for recent messages? I personally think it is not just about belonging, but the fear of missing out something, the fear of being alone. But the sad fact that we have already become lonely.

Personally I have made attempts several times to ask people out. Sometimes I am lucky, but in 90% of the cases they tell me that they are busy. How can they be busy if they are online on Facebook? That is another problem they like to refer to as multitasking because it sounds as a very cool word. In fact it is nothing else but distraction, that reduces the efficiency of their actual working process. It is wasting the precious time of our life and also slowly becoming just ghosts, or on the contrary, just a body that is present in the reality, while our mind is in the virtual world. We are bypassing others and our own life as well.

I wonder though what would happen if Facebook closed its site. I remember once it hasn’t been working for one or two hours and everyone was in panic. In panic because of the fear they can’t live their pathetic attention seeking life with their constant posts about their pretended perfect life and because they can’t stalk and criticize other people based on their pictures and check-ins. These are the main activities that social media is used for now, it is not only about keeping in touch with relatives and friends. We had Skype, Yahoo and proper e-mails for that, and we still do. Being online has become a constant exposure and a popularity race.

In the meantime our real life is becoming more and more shallow. And if we do some really fun activity the first thing is taking a picture of it and posting it. But for what? Why would we need the online approval of people we don’t care about? Why do we want to make others jealous? I think this is definitely in the top 5, if we talk about the problems of the world. How can serious problems be solved if the minds that have to find the solutions are lazy and reducing and wasting their cognitive and behavioral potentials on a constant flow of useless information?

I think the most important is not even to take care about others, but first at least taking care of ourselves. Entertaining and educating our mind, or training our body can never be a mistake nor is spending time with others. Quality time. We shouldn’t pass by our own life.


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