When I think of the problems of the world, the first thing that comes to my mind is….

Macra Maria Cosmina


I think there are too many problems into this world such as racism, lies and people that are used to live mechanically, working for the sole purpose of making money and smiling on social network sites. Money, nowadays is associated with happiness: if you have it you are happy because you can afford whatever you want, and if you don’t you need to focus on working to get what you want.

The simple things in the world are the things that make us the happiest. But unfortunately, people forget to smile for the simple things that life can bring to them because they are too busy with their goals and exaggerated wishes.

Nowadays this is one of the primal problems: the wish to have more and more to show the others that you are happy if you have an Iphone 6s or a Ferrari car to drive. But what about your passions? What about your family and your loved ones? You chose to spend less and less time with them for the avid wish to have money and power.

Just stop all you actions, take a few days to spend on a holyday in a village, somewhere where the nature can show you the beauty of life without technology, erase all the bad influence in your life and feel free to do what makes you happy!


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