When I think of the problems of the world, the first thing that comes to mind is human cloning

Daria Zamă


Yes, I am talking about that Science Fiction idea that appeared in numerous books and movies, that idea that is dating from around since the 1950s where people have an exact copy of themselves. Why I am bringing up this fictional topic to your attention? Well, the reason is simple: Because I consider this to become a serious problem in the future and I will soon tell you why.

Many experiments have been conducted on cloning and it all started with the cloning of a leopard frog and then it went to bigger animals. And “the biggest success”, as the scientists call it, was the cloning of Dolly, a sheep, in 1997. And since then cloning has been taking place without any problems, even though there have been some discussion on the subject. However, it seems that these debates have been toned down with time and now we rarely hear about them although they are happening. For example, in the USA many cloned animals have been put on the market and people buy them without realizing that it is a cloned product. According to the tests they made, it seems that the taste is the same so therefore it was no need for labeling. Thus, people cannot tell if they are eating cloned animals or not. And this is problem. And the problem will have serious proportions if we do not pay a bit of attention to it.

And I am referring to human cloning. Imagine if this became normal. How would the world be then? Of course there are pros and cons as in every situation. But which of them have a bigger percentage?

When talking about the advantages, we can say that thanks to human cloning, scientist can manage to clone organs and organ transplants will not be a problem anymore. This could cure and save so many people. Not to mention that it might actually lead to the diminishing of the organ black market where so many are being kidnapped and their organs are being harvested. Or where many sell their organs so that they could have some money to live by and support their families. Even though this means that they will have indescribable pain from the procedures that will not be done in the most sanitary places and will be performed in the most brutal manners. But here is kinda the place where the benefits stop. At least from my perspective.

The disadvantages are so many, that the list seems to not have an ending. But I will touch only some of them. First of all, how will these clones be treated? Will they be considered humans or just some being inferior to us? Will they have the same rights and opportunities as us or will they be restricted? Can they choose what to do with their lives or are they at the command of their human original? The thing that is at the basis of all these questions is identity. It is a big question whether clones will have or not their own identity. If they will be allowed to develop identities or will they just have to borrow the ones their human originals have. Which leads to another issue. What will happen if the clone and the human original have the same identity? What will happen if the clone decides to take the place of the human? How will we manage to recognize them apart? How will the human original feel when he sees that the clone is replacing him? Or how will he feel when the clone seems to be more liked than him/her?

And the questions and problems just go on and on… People do not realize that there is more than what we read in some books or see in movies. Those are just some parts of the issue and that things are deeper than we think. Just like going to the Moon was SF and it eventually happened, the same will happen with cloning. So let’s not ignore it anymore and give it some attention. How would you feel if you had a clone? How would your life be like? How would you treat it? And more importantly, did you really needed one?


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