What terrorism means to me2

Macra Maria Cosmina


The acts of terrorism nowadays are more and more often. The leaders want more and more power using violence and pain so they hit what they consider a 100% sure placement for disaster. So the safest way of transport becomes one of the favorite place of a terrorist attack to hit: the airplane industry. They pay a ticket like a normal passenger and then shook the entire world.

The terrorist organizations are very ingenious. They found a lot of ways to transport white weapons, explosive, and all kind of “work tool” they need to hijack an airplane. So they are trying to put the metal in tin foil hidden in the hand baggage, they are putting the explosive in soda cans or cut their shoes, inserting the explosive inside and then stick the shoes back on, or use many and many other methods to introduce inside the cabin what they need to create panic and to take control of the aircraft.

I think the most significant aviation disaster happened on September 9th, 2001, in USA. Al-Quaida hit the United States by taking the control of four aircrafts from the American Airlines and collapsing two of them in World Trade Centre, one into the Pentagon and the other one in Pennsylvania. There were 19 terrorists that had participated to this carnage. They destroyed the two most significant buildings of New York and also wanted to hit Washington but without success.

This disaster killed 2993 people and hit 8,900 and also the economy suffered because of this attack.

Another big act of terrorism happened in 1985 when a Boeing 747 of Ai India was destroyed of a bomb at 9,400 meters. It collapsed in Atlantic Ocean, Ireland. 329 people were killed.

The recent terrorist attack happened on May 18th: an Airbus A320 from Egyptair collapsed in in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 66 people on board.

So terrorist actions in aviation are happening from years and unfortunately attackers are passing through the scanners, they are passing through airport controls and arrive in the air at 11,000 meters where the disaster becomes inevitable.


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