What terrorism means to me?

Macra Maria Cosmina


Terrorism in an unconventional manner of was, that can start from political, religious or many other reasons. The main characteristic of terrorism is the intimidation trough violence using various forms, like taking hostages, placing bombs/explosions in crowded areas, hijacking aircraft, assassinations and other horrible things that sick minded persons can think of.

Terrorists, for sure, want to produce confusion and terror in order to get what they want. For them, probably this is the only way to obtain “victory”. Or they simply like this “job”, being indoctrinated with malice, trained all their life and these are the only feelings they know or understand: hate, hurt and revenge.

Unfortunately nowadays there are a lot of terrorist organizations, belonging to several religious ideologies, such as Christian: Rebels from Nagaland, Good resistance army…; Hindu: Shiv Sena, Patit Pawan Sanghatana….; Jewish: Kahne Hai; Islamists(the most): Al Qaida, Muslim brotherhood….; Islamic fronts: Al-Barakaat, Al-Wafa…; Sikh: Babbar Calza, International federation of youth Sikh….;  religious terrorist organizations; national terrorist organizations, left and right terrorists organizations. Maybe there are too many for this world!

In my mind the terrorists are fanatic groups, indoctrinated from one or more leaders which might have a high social position and are trying to destabilize the society for creating a community based on their sick ideology.


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