My world in 2050- from another point of view

Macra Maria Cosmina


Enjoying too much technology could lead to some bad aspects. Not always what is too much is good or healthy.

Most probably, let’s say having all at hand with lack of movement the rate of obesity would be increased. Obesity is not just an esthetic problem, is also a health problem. Nowadays this is a big problem for our society, without sport and without healthy food this problem would be increased.

The problem of healthy food would definitely be another issue of the future. If everyone would live in big cities surrounded by technology who will care about agriculture? Probably the next generation will eat just unhealthy food prepared in laboratories….

Climatic changes, globalization and other effects of not recycling would affect our modern society. Most probably all these bad things of a modern society would have a lot of negative effects in time. What if the world arrives in the point of lose natural resources like water? This must be possible if we don t take care of what we currently have. For example, there are a lot of endangered animals for which we need to preserve the natural ecosystem.

Another big issue is the deforestation problem. If we deforest all the forests because we need wood, where will the clear oxygen go?! Where would wild animals, birds and other small creatures live?!

The pollution also would be increased because of the big number of the cars, factories or who knows maybe small airplanes for everyone who can afford them or other vehicles which create pollution. The pollution is a big problem of our days and thinking for the future years I don’t even want to imagine how the world look if such an issue would grow bigger, but I am afraid of while lacking clear air, there is a great possibility of getting sick or even dying because of pollution.

The overpopulations of the cities for sure would attack the appearance of new diseases and epidemics.

Regarding this point of view, my world for 2050 is not as great as the images provided by Photoshop users in the online medium.


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