My world in 2050

I am the type of person that likes to live the present, not to preconize a future that perhaps will destroy my dreams and create bad feelings inside my imagination, but still. How the things are going, evolving, growing right now I believe there, somewhere in the future will be something big, something that will help or not the humanity, something that will seem exactly as a surprise. Until then we will see how the big changes that will occur, either in good or bad.

Firstly, between science and technology will be a very balanced situation. Both aspects can create welfare environments worldwide which can bring a multicultural help, but in the same time because of technology many or maybe some dictatorial brains will use it in harmful purposes for the entire world.

What I am pretty sure is that until 2050 there will be other planets than ours and certainly they will be colonized by us and of course, we will have the chance to visit or maybe live there, why not?

Also, in 2050 will be a category of people who will benefit from all the inventions that will appear in the astronauts field, robotic domain. There will be the medium category which will have small chances to enjoy the big things and of course, there will be a large number of people who will not benefit from all these inventions because of the difference of income or even because of their limited way of thinking, for instance the people who will not have enough education in order to control, use those inventions.

The technology will greatly advance so that those who own the power and are wealthy by “nature” will no longer allow expensive cars, they most probably will own solar aircrafts, will afford humanoid robots in their homes or will afford to cultivate organic food.

Like in every century, there will be the part of people who will suffer, who won’t detain enough money in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Those in case will be obliged to not deal with the technology evolutions, they will be forced to eat GM products (in China already produce rice starch in different proportions of plastic).


As I mentioned above, certainly something will happen in the future either bad or good things. We, as people have to wait, see, evolve in the same time as the time does.


Elena Ursu


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