My world in 2050

Macra Maria Cosmina


Architects and technology promises us a great world in 2050 but our generation would be probably too old to enjoy all of these.

Every statistical data shows that we are on a continuous growing regarding technology, on a continuous change. Most probably for 2050 every citizen would want to live in a big city, would have a car that has no need to learn driving because it can run without your help, the internet would be everywhere, home probably we would have a robot that would be our best friend because it is probable it would be able to clean the house and wait us with dinner ready, the shopping on the internet would be used more like nowadays and with a lot of new possibilities like smell the products or even try on cloths using different integrated applications.

Another good part of our future world is the use of energy. A few years ago people started to use wind energy and for the future, taking into consideration the fact that using this type of energy will grow, the action could lead are no gas emissions and pollutants, thus not producing waste and spending less use alternative sources of energy. The only problem with wind energy is the fact that its’ energy is limited because it depends on the speed of the wind and its’ value which varies on geographical terms.

Other developments could be made in the health system. For sure this is an important part of our lives, so scientists would probably find new solutions for a healthy and longer life and also for the maladies that affect the society we live in today.

Our everyday activities would probably be easier on account of technology, hopefully we will have more time to spend with our loved ones because our phones could be set to call and send text messages to the people we want to communicate with, robots would cook us fried potatoes or stretch our washed clothes.


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