Human #1

Daria Zamă

Video #1

“Human” can be simply described as a story of stories. It is a video created from and about stories of people so different, from all the corners of the world. “Human” is a documentary created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer, journalist and environmentalist who desired to show the world all the faces a human can have, no matter how good or bad or in between they are.

“Human” is a video that combines both close-ups of people and testimonials, as well as aerial footage of incredible landscapes and day to day actions of people from diverse countries and regions. It is a collection of images that, from the very beginning, captures the attention of the viewer, especially since one does not know what to expect. Although at first it seems to start like any other video made with close-ups of people, when the aerials start, one realizes that this is not the case. And when the confessions of the people start, things start to get real, serious and unexpected.

Starting strong, with the confession of a man who is still loved by his mother-in-law, even though he murdered his wife and child because he was abused as a child and taught that’s what love is, the video makes the viewer think about what this means and what love is for him/ her. It makes the viewer question his/ her knowledge about love and even determines him/her to put himself/herself in the place of both the murdered and his mother-in-law. “Human” is managing to make its viewers reflect on their lives and broaden their thoughts onto the many people that exist in the world and the possible situations that they might be in.

And the same happens along the whole video. Going through topics like love, women, work and poverty, Yann Arthus-Bertrand manages to evoke in each and everyone of its viewers so many feelings and emotions that makes it impossible to just continue with your life and your routine. To just simply forget about this video, about what your hear, about what you experienced and overthinked and imagined is not an option. The sincere and powerful confessions of those tens of people leave a mark on you and make you want to see the next videos as well, not to mention that they leave you wondering how you could help to make a better world for them or for the next generations.

“Human”, as its author describes it, is “ a politically engaged work which allows us to embrace the human condition and to reflect on the meaning of our existence”. Which we definitively need nowadays since many of us forgot what it means to be human or what it means to be humane. Many of us forgot what it means to love, to give and to receive it. We became cruel and we do not stop more and more to think about others… It’s time to open our eyes, our minds and our arm so that we can understand, accept and love what is around us.

*A good example of such acts of forgetting is this gathering of photo stories of love and discrimination that portrays how evil and cruel human nature can be.


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