Human Part 2 – Get On A Human Level Of Understanding

This is an analysis/opinion/review of the documentary Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.(Part 2)

Thoughts the things that make us humans are also thoughts, thoughts that come from the biological way of thinking with the brain. Thoughts, ideas are the things that formed geographical groups (from families to tribes, villages, cities, metropolises, countries) and other form and type of groups (hobbies, religion, political and other groups of different groups). Human part 2 start with the thoughts about politics and how the thoughts of a group affected other groups and other members of different groups. And as a thinking individual you will be put inside certain groups or pro/against certain groups.

Thoughts and beliefs are the things that turn against each other and eventually lead to acts that seem thoughtless and leave us in disbelief regarding the true nature of a human being. Human part 2 and the people who speak out on their inhuman experiences – speechless but not wordless (Mean words: “Fuck you human”).

Another question rises in my mind: Where does the thought of group stop and the thought of human start? Groups are made by humans but humanity comes at an individual level. And the role goes the other way around, from birth up until the end you are thought and you think and in certain moments you find yourself belonging to something, a group and as the documentary shows: What if as a child you are part of the wrong group? (and if there is any right group why wasn’t I put in there?).

A smile, a nice gesture, kindness – traits of a human being- can’t rapidly change the way things are but surely shown can’t hurt.

Biologically we can’t control what we like or dislike but with the power of thought we can learn how to differentiate between what hurts the other and what does not and in and through it all we should follow our heart. What’s to win and what’s to lose? – My answer: Your true self (which is you in the rawest moments – “naked”)

Embrace your inner self people and love with your mind, your heart, your everything –get on a human level of understanding- and do not just simply understand but act with the upmost true and fine gestures made out of love –love for yourself, for others, for those who are gone and for those who will come.

The second part of human felt like I was being asked the same questions, that I was asked to gave my experience and obviously think about my experience and my own consciousness and actions. Reflect upon the matters that have an effect on the world and the matters that have an effect upon who I am. The most beautiful things that are in life are the living so we shouldn’t harm anything that is living and cherish those that gave us the gift of life and those that passed in on. Because in the end…“That’s a leaf and those are flowers. All that makes up the happiness of life.”


Raul Mihai Poias


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