How globalization affects my daily life?

Globalization has contributed to a huge development in the areas of financial and international trade. It has made countries to work together better and led to various innovations in science and technology, but besides these led and environmental degradation.

Globalization has indirect effects on our lifestyle. It led to faster access to technology, at an improved communication and innovation. Besides playing an important role in bringing together the people of different cultures, it opened a new era of prosperity and unlocked multiple channels and lines of development. However, it has created perhaps a few points of concern, the main one being the impact it has had and is having on the environment.

Activists show that globalization has led to greater consumption, impacting the ecological cycle. Increasing consumption leads to increased production of goods, which harms the environment. Globalization has also led to an increase in the transport of materials and food from one place to another. People who eat food produced locally by using globalization can reach consume food produced elsewhere, in other countries. The amount of fuel consumed to transport these products means an increase in the level of pollution. The gases leading to growing thinning of the ozone layer, besides amplifying the greenhouse effect. Industrial waste generated in the process of production is loaded on ships and discharged into the ocean, affecting aquatic life and spilling hazardous chemicals into the ocean.

Also, due to globalization, various substances and chemical compounds get to the ground, affecting plants and natural resources. It puts pressure on natural resources, in many parts of the world landforms such as mountains, hills are replaced by tunnels and highways and many lands were broken to make way for new buildings. Although mankind enjoys these advances, the long term effects can be devastating. So many changes have been made that the process of reversing them became impossible. The only solution would be to develop strategies and measures to reduce these negative effects.


We must maintain a balance, a harmony in the environment. The survival of the human race on this planet depends on the environment in such a great extent that we cannot ignore the consequences of our actions.


Elena Ursu


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