Depression is political

Depression is considered the disease of this century, as more people are affected by it. Pathological sadness, lack of desire, feeling of devaluation, lack of hope, lack of purpose in life are among the most visible signs of this disease. Also, depression is one of the major causes of suicide. No matter the age, religion, race, social status depression affect everyone at some point.

I truly consider depression as being a political affection. The causes and factors are coming from outside of a body. Because we are living stressed days, alimentation is not correctly applied, life puts pressure from all perspectives and thus not only the mind of a person gets suffered, but the body as well.

Depression has though symptoms and manifests as deeply as no one can see. The symptoms are categorized on emotional level (anxiety, sad feelings, self-guiltiness), cognitive level (appear thoughts of suicide, confusion, it is reduced the motivation aspect for doing several activities), behavioral level (withdraws into himself, crying without reason, neglect their responsibilities, move more slowly or becomes agitated, not value the way it presents to others) and physically level (physically appear fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia, loss or gain weight).

Everything what we, as persons included in a certain society do, eat, act, it is related to the outside of our personally zone. I mean whatever we are choosing in order to help us be integrated in a social group, state, community is dealing with the political aspect of our lives. Thus, depression is caused by what we are choosing to live, by whom we are getting married, by where are going to ask for an advice and so on. The main causes of depression are directly connected to our daily life, the most common being a history of depression or bipolar disorder in family, a change that occurs suddenly in life (unemployment, divorce, death of a loved one, moving house or status, development of a child etc.), the existence of traumatic events in childhood (abuse, abandonment, parental divorce, violence, parents death, etc.), stress, occurrence of physical illness.

All this factors correlate in a way or another with everyone’s life and those who are not aware of their inadequate lifestyle are those who fall the first. If a person would not live in a stressed environment with more relaxing hours at a job, if the states would ensure people more stability either economical or regarding safety, the things would go straight and thus, diseases as depression will be certainly reduced.


Elena Ursu


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