3.When I think of the problems of the world, the first thing that comes to my mind is….

Macra Maria Cosmina


Other big problem of our today’s world is drug dependency…. Too many people psychically destroy their families, destroy their bodies and even die using drugs. But why people still use it if they know they hurt them? I believe we could think of it in this manner: we love to eat chocolate… we know that chocolate has a lot of calories, makes our bodies get fat and produces cellulite, but because of the sweet taste we can’t renounce to such a delicacy. Is the same with drug dependency but to a higher extent.

This global issue has taken serious proportions in the last decades and influences the development of the society presenting a danger for the public health.

In our world, one of 20 persons aged of 15-64 is a consumer, so approximately 200 million consumers of illegal drugs, according to an Australian study published by the medical magazine “The Lancet”.

Even if it is illegal, the studies estimated between 149-271 million of drug consumers in 2009: 125-203 consuming cannabis, 14-56 million consuming amphetamine and 12-21 million consuming heroin and   morphine.

How this can be possible in our society? Power, corruption and money drive our society crazy and we close our eyes like this is not a real problem, because we all have plenty of problems at home.




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