When I think about the problems in the world the first thing that comes to my mind is pollution.

You may think I’m cruel for putting pollution in the top of the problem pyramid, but I am one of those persons who is worried about the environment and about our planet that we are living on.  Our planet is our home and I think that people don’t realize that killing the planet, we actually are killing ourselves and the people we are surrounded by. Even if we won’t live as long as our lovely planet, is our responsibility to keep it alive for the next generations.

Pollution occurs when the natural surroundings are contaminated by pollutants. The balance of the environment and the ecosystem is disturbed by the pollution.

You know that pollution comes in more ways and types, such as air, water, soil, radioactive, noise, heat or thermal and light.  The sad thing is that all these types, have various effects that in time, it will kill the planet.

With all these pollutants attacking the planet, effects as environment degradation, Global warming, human and animal health problems, ozone layer depletion or infertile land can occur.

You’re probably thinking, “so what can I do, as a normal human being in such a big world?  It’s not like my action would really count, because if I’m the only one who does the right thing and tries to save the world, the planet will die for sure.”  And even if some actions would help saving the world, it would take more than an only person to do them. What I’m trying to say here, is that there are some actions that people could do in order to start saving the planet, one by one, step by step.

So I searched and I have found a few things that we can do in order to improve our planets health.

  1. Go vegetarian or vegan, even if it’s just for one day a week. The meat industry and factory farming is the number one cause of air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, so if you think you can do it for permanently, or a few weeks, or even once a week, it will make a big difference.
  2. Change the light bulb. Yes, such a simple think as changing your regular light bulb to a compact fluorescent light bulb has a very big impact. For example if every house in the US, would switch a single light bulb into a compact fluorescent light bulb, it would be equivalent to taking one million cares of the road.
  3. Plant a tree. It’s good for the air, it’s good for the earth, and it’s giving back.
  4. Choose matches over lighters and chose cardboard matches over wood matches. Wood matches are obviously made from trees, and cardboard matches are made from recycled paper. So they are not only environment friendly but they are also biodegradable.
  5. Take your car to a car wash. Believe it or not it is much better for the environment than washing your car by your own. Because professional car washes are a lot more water efficient. If people would stop washing their cars themselves and everyone would start taking its car to a professional car washes we could save up to 8.7 billion gallons of water.
  6. Switch from plastic bags to paper, or reusable bags. Plastic bags are not biodegradable, they pollute the grounds, they pollute the air, oceans and they hurt marine life.
  7. Pay your bills online. Go paperless. If every house just in the US would pay electronically, we could save 18.5 million trees per year.
  8. Recycle glass. You can recycle other things to, but decomposing glass can take to more than 1 million years to decompose. And recycled glass reduces water pollution by 50% and water pollution by 20%.
  9. Take less baths. Take showers instead. A lot of water is being wasted because people take baths.
  10. Walk or take a bike. If you have to go a smaller distance than 3 km, try not to take the bus or car. It’s better for you and its better for the environment.
  11. Pick up trash. If you are walking in the park, or forest or even in the street and you see a bottle or a plastic bag on the ground, make the Earth a favor, pick it up and throw it in the garbage. Especially if you are by the beach, because eventually those will end up in water polluting the ocean and affect marine life.
  12. Napkins contribute to the annual destruction of 34 million trees. Try only to use one next time. Or switch to textile ones.

Pollution doesn’t just affect humans by destroying their systems, it also affects the nature, the flora and the fauna, which we all depend for survival. Controlling pollution is crucial if we want mankind to survive.

Cecilia Gergely


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