Mihaela Grosu

Nowadays, contemporary society is undergoing a transformation of values, due to the modernization of life. The processes of globalization in the economic, political and cultural spheres and the migratory movements lead to some complicated relations between particular societies and the entire community as a whole. These factors are, to some extent, stimulating the tension in international relations, accompanied by ethnic conflicts, and on this basis begin to appear various opposition groups, trying to achieve the desired result for them through extremism and terrorism.

Why should people die because of someone’ s beliefs and ideologies? It is sad that in this era full of technologies and development in every domain, people still have these outdated preconceptions. With all the attacks that have occurred in the past years people are afraid to go out.

What if I’m going to that concert and I’m gonna get killed?! What if I’m going to have dinner at a restaurant and I’m gonna get killed?! What if I’ll travel by train or plane and I’m gonna get killed?!

Why should people be afraid and think about a terrorism attack before doing something?! Why can’t we live in a world guided by peace?! What happened to freedom of expression?

To me, terrorism is a tool used by weak people, because wise and strong ones can make themselves heard by other means. Violence is not the answer. Not today, nor tomorrow.


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