Mihaela Grosu

Everyone hopes that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. We all believe that our problems will be solved in time. But it’s more correct to say that our future begins today, and if we want it to be a good one, we need to do something for it.

In my opinion, we all stand on the threshold of a good future  because our current capabilities are great. We are free to build our lives by ourselves. Every advance in science deepens the knowledge of the world, technology is improved, communication tools are developed. All this can help to ensure that humankind will solve all the existing problems, and build a happy future for all.

In 2050, I wish there were no borders in the world. I do not like, when travelling, passing through the same inspections over and over again. I know that this is due to the social problems of the various states but one of my biggest dreams is not having any borders. I, alone, can not change the world, but I know that we can do it together. How to change the consciousness of humanity in order to unite all the people in the world? I think it will happen in the future.

To know better our planet, it would be desirable not only to move without borders, but also to do it quickly. I know that time management has always worried humankind. Now there are high-speed trains, flights are faster. It would be good if the movement would be instantly. Many science fiction writers dreamed about teleportation. I think that by 2050 it will be a reality.

Poverty and wealth, hunger and abundance – what does it depend on? Why all people can’t have the same opportunities? I think that this mission will be the most difficult to solve in the future.

I tend to hope that in 2050 the world will be better. Why it wouldn’t be?  Some years ago we had no idea that by 2016 we’ll be able to have internet wherever we go,  to make and upload photos, instantly, with just our phones or to write an article and share it with the whole world by making a click.


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