What terrorism means to me

Monica Mihu 

Terrorism is a very discussed subject due to the unfortunate events happening all over the world. Fear and insecurity has spread, making people question where the next attacks will happen, what the damages will be and how authorities are trying to prevent them from happening.

Numbers suggest that terrorism is rising and that it is conquering more and more countries every year. According to the Global Terrorism Index, in 2014, the number of deaths caused by terrorist attacks reached 32.685, while in 2013, there were 18.111 deaths. Furthermore, five countries represent 78% of the total number of deaths: Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. In addition to this, the number of countries in which terrorist attacks occurred has increased. In 2014, 93 countries were affected  by such events, while in 2013, the number was 88.

In 2015, France was shaken by two awful attacks: the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the Paris terrorist attacks. Both left the country mourning, with an empty space that could never be filled and with a population frightened by the power of such people. In 2016, Brussels was the following target on the attacks planned by ISIS. Who will be next? A country from Europe, a state from the USA? Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to predict such events and what is even more unfortunate is the fact that the world powers are expecting that such attacks to happen in the near future.

If world leaders and authorities are scared of what is happening, how should people feel? If we take into consideration the images presented by the media, the threats that ISIS has launched and how the other events ended, I believe that people are beginning to feel that the world is transforming into a place that is not safe anymore.

All these problems are creating the image of a world that is splitting into two parts: the one constituted by ISIS with its terrorists and attackers and the one formed by the countries that are fighting against these events. This is a great conflict and it looks like it will evolve and increase. Whether people, media or authorities say it or not, it seems that these attacks represent the beginning of a war or at least a strong conflict between two powers.

On top of that, countries are now dealing with the problem of refugees coming from Syria, a country that is part of ISIS and from which some terrorist come. Refugees are people who left their country in order to survive and to take their families away from the conflicts. Now, they are suspected of being terrorists or having been involved in such acts. Thus, the world to which they are running to and risking to reach is welcoming them with hostility and suspicion.

So what do we have: a world in which fear is conquering countries, people are not feeling safe, refugees are running to a safe place which turns out to be a place targeted by their home country and alarmed authorities. This should definitively not be the summary of our times…


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