The Subcultures of CLUJ

Article by Attila Bandi

The Subcultures of CLUJ

There are many subcultures in CLUJ, among them I would point out a few noticeable.

For example, heavy metal subculture, there is an organization who promotes their values and music called METALHEAD.

This organization brings artists to play in CLUJ and promote their concerts and different events.

There are also the Rocker subculture and punk, they gather at the HARD ROCK CLUB in CLUJ.

One of more notable subcultures of CLUJ would be the Religious subcultures in CLUJ would be the 7-th day Adventists whom hold Saturday and the day to rest (free day) and not Sunday, they work from Sunday until Friday and rest on Saturday.

There also are the Pentecostals whom they have a renewal movement strategy.

In my opinion these subcultures of CLUJ bring some uniqueness to the city and outline the fact how unique we all are.


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