How globalization affects my daily life

Article by Attila Bandi

How globalization affects my daily life

Thanks to globalization we are eating dangerous food and we are buying unhealthy products from countries like China where the labor force is very cheap and therefore manufacturing is less expensive than in Romania.

Another way in which globalization affects my daily life is that all my clothes I buy from Outlets or other stores made somewhere in Asia.

The clothes are made in China or Taiwan and are very cheap, but I am thinking of the people who made them and in what condition they are working and they have very small wage.

Globalization has increased the movement of people, culture and technology across the world.

Emigration from one country to another all have to do with globalization and the developing of influences throughout of the world.

The internet is a big help to globalization because we are able to keep in touch with friends, relatives everywhere in the world, we can buy stuff from the internet within seconds and have them delivered to us.

Globalization in my point of view is a good thing for the humanity.



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