Advertising’s effects

Monica Mihu and Daria Zamă

We are surrounded with ads everywhere. We see them on TV, on panels while we drive to work or while we scroll through our Facebook wall. Designed to make us believe we need what they can offer, they promote a life in which ideal women, men and children live. They are all happy and the ads want to tell us that their life is so beautiful and perfect due to the products or services that are advertised. Thus, in order for our lives to be the same as the ones we see on the screen,  we are encouraged to buy and use those products and services.

With thousands of products being advertised and described as the perfect ones with the most qualities, how can a person choose between them? Critical analysis and knowing exactly what you want. However, this is not the main problem. The most important issue is related to the effects that this great quantity of ads has on people and their perception of different things such as beauty, family, a happy life etc.

One very popular series of commercials that comes into my mind is the Coca Cola ads. Each year, they create new ones, but the idea remains mostly the same: the image of a happy family, who are glad to be together and who are, of course, drinking this soda. What is wrong in this case is that people associate this brand with the idea of family and that a happy family (meeting) needs a Coca Cola. Nevertheless, taking into consideration the countless videos that show what Coca Cola can do if it is boiled or if you put an egg in it and leave for a year, it is hard to believe that people think their family needs a Coca Cola.

Another aspect that advertising covers is related to beauty and body image. Ads use people that are thin or that have well proportionate bodies, especially when speaking about clothes or lingerie commercials. This makes the viewers want to  look the same as the people they see in the ads. However, those models are sometimes photoshopped in order to look perfect. In addition, each person has a body with a unique shape which makes him or her beautiful. This diversity makes the world beautiful and ads are destroying it by presenting only one type of bodies and creating a certain standard for body image.

Advertising does not promote a real image of the world or of different life aspects. It illustrates an ideal picture which does not exist and cannot be created. People are different and this is the way things should remain. Diversity is beautiful and everyone should embrace it.


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