My world in 2050

Monica Mihu

It is hard to say what the world would look like 34 years from now. One thing is for sure: it will be different both in aspect and values. People will behave differently and due to the impressive advance of technology, who knows what might be possible after three decades and a half. One important question is the direction in which the world in going to. I believe that it would be a better place with less conflicts.

Nowadays , the world is full of conflicts that spread terror among people and suspicion between countries. Attacks that kill innocent people are happening all over the world and leaders are struggling to find a way to end these events. It feels that the world is not a safe place and all of this is just the beginning of a greater conflict that will start somewhere in the near future. This is the reason why I believe that the world will be a calmer and safer place in 2050. If this conflict happened, the people, leaders, the entire world would have a fresh lesson to learn from. Peace, mutual understanding and solution oriented thinking would be just a few values that would characterize life in 2050.

Besides this aspect, the world would be much more developed from the technological point of  view. People will be able to set absolutely every gadget or any appliance from their home according to their schedule and needs. This is something that developers are working at nowadays and thus, in 34 years it will be absolutely possible. Moreover, the process of digitalization will continue until elements such as paper, books and even money will become unnecessary. The world will go through a few more changes by giving up such things due to the fact that they become obsolete.
The world would be a completely different place in 2050 and I wish that it will a better one. People would appreciate more simple things such as calm and peaceful life without worldwide tragedies. However, this extreme use of technology means that people could lose some beautiful moments in life. A world in which technology leads is a world in which social interaction has to suffer and in which devices are more valued and appreciated due to their multifunctionality. At least, it would be a world with less conflicts.


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