My world in 2050

Daria Zamă

When thinking of the future, I guess everybody has thought of it in a certain way and to a certain degree. Some have elaborate scenarios, while others just mere ideas. When it comes to my idea of the future, I have many ideas that are way too different from one another. And I am not talking only about how my life would look like.

I am one of those people who believes in life on other planets or in other places in the universe. And one of my 2050 scenarios is related to encounters with beings from outside Earth.

At the rate that we are going, I believe that in two or three decades we are going to destroy a significant part of our planet, making many species of animals and plants extinct, and also causing the death of some cultures and civilizations. I imagine another, if not several, World Wars, where many small countries will be conquered by the most powerful ones or several countries will unite in order to have a better protection. The rush for power and world dominance will be at its peak and inequality and modern slavery will reach unimaginabile levels. My 2050 world is an apocalyptic world, being very close to completely destroying our home for good, with very small to none chances of being possible to live on it anymore.

Therefore, in this case, leaving our planet would not be a fantasy anymore, but the only chance to human survival. Space traveling will be as normal as 2016’s  traveling to other countries. But due to the development of technology, it would be easier. We will travel to other planets, asteroids or stars and settle where we will like or where we can afford. And it is not impossible for these places to be already inhabited by other creatures. And when this happens, we are faced with only two options: are we going to live with them peacefully or are we going to conquer them and force them to accept us?

Sadly, taking into consideration our history of how we got to know and inhabit our world, the second situation is more likely to happen. Being forced to leave our country and desperate to survive, we will not care if we will invade others, although we would if they would come and invade Earth. And eventually we will destroy that world too…

Yes, my 2050 is a very dark and twisted world, but I think it is a good way to have a better understnading of our destructive nature and our way of taking things for granted. We should start to improve our methods of living in such a way that it is not only preserving the nature and different cultures and civilizations, but also helping them grow and having very little access in their development.

I do not know if I will still be alive or not in 2050, and I don’t really care much about it. The only thing that concerns me is that we have an improved behavior and that our planet will look way better than its current state. May the odds be ever in everyone’s favor!


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