Uneven rocks, shaped diamonds

You can grab the same sandwich in Subway in Romania and Australia. You wear the same coat as your French fellow. How do we dare to call ourselves special?

Bégányi Imola


The first time when the same piece of clothing came towards me on the street I have to admit, I was a bit shocked. I was a kid in a small city in comparison with a capital or a university town, and there everyone seemed so different. That difference made everyone feel a little bit special, I know that because I cannot name two identical souls from my childhood, all those kids have had a pretty large amount of self-confidence. But at that moment I could see the same uncertainties I’ve been feeling myself in that little girl’s eyes: whether to decide if my taste is good because others love that style too, feel that I can’t even differ, think about how many people have purchased that same item and I’m not gonna lie, I also thought we must have something in common. Foolish, childish ideas, but aren’t we facing the same from time to time?

As I see globalization, it is mostly the result of huge companies distributing the same products and services around the world. That, unfortunately reduces us to the level of simple consumers. In the eyes of those brands’ big headquarters we aren’t mothers or fathers, lovers os lawyers, bookwarms or artists. We are nothing more than consumers.

Unless we have a cow at home to milk her, a garden to grow our own veggies and a private tayloring company, in one way or another we are all undergoing this process. Of course we can’t assure ourselves these things and services, not to mention that we are so large in number that it’s impossible to purchase different  stuff each time. If that is good or bad is up to everyone to decide.

The way to eliminate globalization is possible only in a weird utopia, where are no brands at all, the milk is like in Tom&Jerry and nothing is labelled. Of course this won’t happen because these tricky companies already embedded into our minds to identify ourselves with their brands and honestly, I also really need to know that my favourite type of shoes is out there available to buy anytime and anywhere on the planet.

As I see, this century is not where materialistic things will make the difference between people and if something is proven by this uniformity is that only our souls, thoughts, feelings or our words we comfort our loved ones with can make us unique. The irreversible fact of our existence makes us special, and it has always been this way.

I keep wondering about this a lot lately



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