Education = power?

Communism, religious sects, control freak systems depriving others from one thing. Even advertisements. They have one thing in common, a secret that they really want to keep hidden: knowledge.

Bégányi Imola


The one thing that every hierarchical system is afraid of is that someday someone will be in the possession of knowing what they know. Maybe it is too generalized to lump together political systems based on totalitarian ideologies, philosophical groups constructed around a belief and kidnappers keeping their victims among the four falls for decades. Although, the fact is that they have in common the will to deprive their controlled subjects of knowledge, and that is only possible with limiting their access to education.

During history there have been many examples to prove that education can only work and be fully effective if everyone has the chance to discover all the knowledge of the world, picking something of that mass and digging more into it. Being aware of different aspects can cause a chain of cognitive processes that sooner or later will manifest in actual actions contributing to shape our society. For instance, revolutions are a good representation of such an action and that is exactly what those systems are afraid of.

As another important topic discussed in the third volume of Human, education has proven that the only way to be able to produce a negative or a positive change, whether in our or others’ life, is to learn first. Although our democratic society supports and even obliges its citizens to take part of the educational system at least until a certain age, there are still some gaps in its operation.

In my opinion the access is not enough and I consider our educational system a way too homogenized one, where isn’t really a chance to discover personal strengths. You are either lucky and be a genius in a subject taught in school, have supportive parents, who contribute to your self-actualization with extracurricular activities or you discover it for yourself. The ugly reality is though that most of us end up like the fish who got judged by its abilities to climb a tree.

The beautiful reality on the other hand is that it’s never too late. Unless you have a brain damage, there will always be a choice to learn for yourself, use the internet for something else than watching cat videos and maybe one day you will be the next Einstein creating inspirational fish-quotes.  If not, you have still contributed to widen your reality, and that can never be a wrong path. Maybe that fish will learn how to construct some wings and manages to reach the top of the tree and if not, there is always a choice to turn around towards the beach and swim.


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