When I think of the problems of the world the first thing that comes to my mind is

Like 10 things all at once flowing through my mind (world hunger, pollution, terrorism, discrimination, murders and others) but after 5 seconds the biggest problem remains and connects all these is respect. We don’t understand respect or we don’t want to understand respect.

It’s Us versus Them in this matter and we believe that us should have respect over them and in a way the way in which I write my article might lean on the same side of us being respected. Of course you might not think respect when it comes to world hunger but isn’t this matter also about respect? Shouldn’t we respect another person’s pain or difficulty and help that person?

I believe that through respect and with respect comes understanding we will be able to empower each other for the better good of us and them. I don’t know exactly who is us versus them but to give it simple I would say is us who care and them who don’t.

I strongly believe that to combat intense conflicts we must firstly think, put ourselves in the shoes of the other human being and have the respect of understanding that it is not easy. It’s not easy for anyone but it’s neither hard for everyone.

The truth is that it is not enough to just care or understand/ have respect for another human being but to also help if that person needs help and more importantly to have respect for that humans being life. Because in the end when you are going to be older it will not be about us versus them it will be about if us can help them or if they can help us.

So it’s sad that there is not only one problem that comes into my mind but everything can be fixed or at least improved because nothing is perfect even though sometimes we think they are.


Raul Mihai Poias


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