2050 An Easy Prediction

Often people ask me what would I like to do with my life or questions like what will I do after I finish college. I get that question asked almost daily and it’s frustrating but what is more frustrating is the fact that people come out with solutions or opinions of what I should become.

And that is an understatement of my ability to do things and also the ability to think. It’s like people assume that I know nothing and I have just slid through each one of my choices. But the truth is that I and basically we all know what we would like to do with our lives but there is uncertainty. The people who ask these questions and who come up with solutions don’t like our uncertainty but I believe that the uncertainty is more or less caused by the proximity of making decisions.

When asked or when you think about how my world would look in 2050 the things get a little simpler. Why? Because you have to give a general idea, a dream, a desire regarding this particular time. And all of a sudden things seem to get clearer. Like, optimism returns and uncertainty disappears since things will be figured out, of course, you have to wait almost 40 years for things to figure out and of course do things and live meantime but still.

So how my world would look in 2050? Well, to start from the point of society. I certainly hope but also believe that the world will be more conscious of the world problems. From the part of resources (that we don’t have that many resources left) to the point of climate changes and I believe people will try to solve the problems we have and we will not be forced to leave this planet or end up like in the animation movie Wall-e.

When speaking personally about my plans or my view upon my future I believe that as I will be older I will be smarter or at least happier. It’s a weird process to think about the time when you will be close to your 60s and it’s even weirder taking in consideration that we are the generation of Millennials. We are the generation that focuses their minds towards technologies and towards communities, activism, and other society problems or at least that’s what some terminologies say about us. We work on affective computing process so I believe that my world in 2050 will look better. It might sound general but I believe that by that time I will have a family not just blood relatives but also people that I have helped and cared about will become part of my family. I believe that in 2050 I will be involved in helping people through technology via a personal website regarding positivity and through actual physical help in countries that are less fortunate nowadays.

I project my whole life around ideas regarding my personality. Of course, my world in 2050 should be focused not just on my views but also through factual stuff like a job, career, financial status but all of this factual stuff are changing, the society is changing, the markets are changing, the currencies are changing and borders (country and borders between societies) are changing and on some levels are closing/opening.

My world in 2050 will not just be my world, it will be the world of us being adults and hypothetically mature people. It will be the time where cancer would already have a cure, world hunger would be consistently reduced and consciousness regarding the place where we live, Earth and how we treat it and also how we treat each other will grow.

PS: Regarding religion, I believe the world will finally become more spiritual than they are now and as religious mythologies (Greek, roman, Norse, Egyptian etc.) have passed in matters of worshipers also the religious problems will either take a bigger stand or be reduced considerably. The world in 2050 will be a better place considering that each human will do its job (myself included) on making this world a better place. We receive after all preaches from religious, politicians, musicians, teachers and other artists or “misunderstood” people that we should make this world a better place. This message should stick…

Raul Mihai Poias


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