When I think of the problems of the world, the first thing that comes to my mind is…

Today’s world’s biggest problem I think is health. I think we don’t emphasize the importance of mental and physical heath in our world enough. I think if we would use education to try and explain from young age what steps we need to achieve in order to have a balanced life it may change everything around us. I know there is no perfect solution to everyone problems but there are some facts that are known to help increase our mental and physical health. We need to just encourage and learn how to make the perfect recipes for each one of us. I think that if we would push people to try and do their best and understand that failed is a step in the process we would find solutions by being a stronger human by controlling and understanding for example our emotions. Trying to challenge our own vulnerabilities we would also understand the difficult process that the people around us are taking on as well. If we stay in a comfort zone and are just satisfied to not reach any important goals we can never completely process different lifestyles and others problems. If we could understand better how essential is our health in our everyday lifestyle I think we would fight more for a healthier planet and environment. In the end I think that this my just be a part of a bigger puzzle but it can make the difference in order to have a more clear idea of the whole image.
Ungureanu Theona 3’rd year Journalism
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