Pollution is it really world’s biggest problem or not?


Personally I notice that the problem of pollution as being an important issue in the media for the last 20 years and being associated to the destruction of the world as we know it. There are a lot of predicts about how the devastating reactions will change our lifestyles forever some theories have fail some were proven. I don’t see just politics as being the main and only actors in this problem, sure I don’t deny it can at the same time facilitate and impose measures that could reduce significantly and rapidly the process of pollution. Who I see as the responsible is each one of us who don’t try at the minor level to reduce it instead of just being afraid or sad about not leaving behind a healthy planet. What should motivate us is our loved ones or even our unborn children who will have the risk to leave in an unsafe environment because we accepted the process of pollution as irreversible in our minds already. I think it is a deep cultural instinct to protect and respect the land in which you were born and to have or not a connection to nature and value it. Who really stops us from collecting and recycling I think is our own commodity and laziness. Why don’t we just plant and grow and start making smarter chooses for the environment. It is still a danger that seems far away for the people from Romania if they have never been Beijing or don’t even react to a city from USA that had devastating catastrophes and to suffer from hurting the planet with pollution. Again I think that is a responsibility that not just the head’s of the state have to agree and take action on it is a movement that should start from lower level. I have here several examples of students who have discovered smart ways to recycle a then applied to big companies and changed things in better. In Africa they have started to built bicycles made from bamboo which are friendly for the environment. The company who makes the bikes also replants bamboo trees trying to balance the nature this is one of the small examples but there a lot more to find if we would only have the initiative and interest. Awareness is a key element in this topic and yes the actions of the governments can also facilitate this process by creating opportunities and projects that can give students or companies the chance to invent amazing creations.
Ungureanu Theona 3’rd year Journalism                                                                                                  References photos:
http://novaapollonia.ro/2014/05/01/picnic-la-marginea-drumului/     http://www.romaniapozitiva.ro/featured/noua-zi-de-curatenie-nationala-in-2013-lets-do-it-again-romania/



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