My world in 2050

This is one of the hardest things to imagine since we mostly try to visualize the near future and what our lives are going to be in ten year from now and it still seems so far away. I would be 70 years old and may be lucky enough to still be healthy enough to leave more years than my grandparents who reached the age of 90 years old because technology in medicine may have amazingly evolved. At the same time even if it were possible I may not be benefit of this technology if social inequality it will still be a major factor. I think the hardest thing is not to accept that we would leave forever but if we could still leave together that would be my most desired question for the future. There have been and still are so many wars these planets has seen internal and external that the word itself peace it seems something temporary. I may have a bit skepticism about the future since I do acknowledge the powers that can change the planet as we know it in better, but I am not sure if humanity has the power to adapt and accept all this process. When the world taboo and restricted will be replaced by information gathering I think the structure of society can really change and adapt to a new era. I don’t want either just a fantasy world to create, a planet full of happy people who have to be every day carefully and grateful because they have all the basic needs to be satisfied. I don’t think it is in human nature to be always content and to denied negative emotions it is a natural part of himself from the beginning of earth. I use the word beginning of earth to refer of the documentation we have of human history, old stories that tell us the process of evolution of humans. Fights and brutal acts have always been part of this history so why don’t we accept it and make spaces for it to be explored and released. It may sound weird but I think if we would also make places where people could drop all their frustrations that might be a solution for reaching a peacefully world in 2050 and benefit by all the technologies discovered by that point.
Ungureanu Theona 3’rd year Journalism
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