Depression is political

Ponta-asteptat-in-taraFirst of all I would like to mention I think this statement describes very well the current situation of the political environment in Romania. When the people of a country start to joke about ,,everyone who is in politics as being corrupt, and who isn’t and tries to be the exception as being a frustrated person” I think it shows that they have no lack of respect and confidence in the government. Humor is usually used for distressing situations but when it is frequently used only ironical and black humor in relation to a subject I think it denotes a disapproval and a lack of faith in the political section. I understand this reaction of the population from Romania when analyzing the public appearances of the political figures who always get in big fight’s on T.V.and don’t show a decent reaction thought a different opinion of a candidate from other parties. Political debates have always been a rough and hot topic to discuss and agreed on, but I don’t think that pointing the finger and finding a guilty side will ever manage to end a discussion with some rational solutions. I would expect from politicians who are supposed to have achieved an academical level to represent a cultural and intellectual image in the society and to promote some values. Unfortunately when role models are missing from society there is no hope left for the younger generations to look up to. I would sustain my idea by two argument’s first a stereotyped believe related to this job ,,you need to know somebody a relative for example in a higher position in order to get in this field and then it would take a lot of years in order to change something and even if you do it will be at minor level”. This is another prove that especially young people think that everything related to politics is corrupt and by statistics from last year we can notice that they don’t get involved and don’t even care about the voting system. This passive attitude of the youth from Romania represents the negative image that is portrait deep in the minds of the different generations that associate politics as being useless. References photos:

Ungureanu Theona Journalism 3’rd year



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