Story of discrimination and prejudice

Article by Attila Bandi

An interesting article where we can witness some of the western and also their patriotic mentality.

This usually happens when we go abroad and when they find out that we are from Romania.

If it happens to be better than our competitors or contraindicates and not just in this case, we can see what happened to Irina Begu our Romanian Tennis player in the WTA competition, and there are plenty of examples of discrimination of Romanian sport players and other type of discrimination which occurred to member from our country.

Why all the Romanians are called gypsies if they are better than they opponents or they show to be better than others whilst is clear that they are not as the discriminators often say?

Is this racism or just a habit to call somebody gypsy because it is from Romania or it is just a way to show frustration?

Or our country and diplomats of MAE didn’t do anything to change the western mentality and promote our values better and open their eyes to see and to prove them that we are not as they say.

Here is the article from where this discrimination story began.


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