My world in 2050

Article by Attila Bandi

The world in 2050 for me would be much more advanced.

I think that we would have the possibility to travel with the speed of light in our universe and other galaxies.

Maybe we would be finally in contact with extraterrestrials.

I am sure that we would be able to cure all form of cancer and aids.

We would also be able to use teleportation from a place to another everywhere on the planet within seconds.

Maybe we would be able to use or learn to use or develop the telepathy process in order to communicate witch each other instead of the communications that we have these days.

We would also have robots whom will work for us.

My world in 2050 will be very advanced (if the planet would not be destroyed until than by pollution and other causes) with many advantages for the human kind.

This is the way I see that my world would look like in 2050.



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