Real self versus ideal self in social media

We all know and aware of the fact that we live in a somehow global-society, due to all the technological and digital development. And the online medium got us, whether we want to admit it or not. Posts on Facebook, posts on Twitter, posts on Instagram, we all convey them in order to maintain our online presence and to promote and expand ourselves through our social network. But what happens when we represent ourselves on social media as our ideal selves, rather than our real selves? Are we really the people we want to look like on social media?

It is usually a problem of people who have a low self-esteem. Hypothetically speaking, one person posts a picture, gets a high number of likes and voila, feels appreciated and wanted by the society that person is a part of. Is that really the case or is it just a mask? In fact, people will always choose their best poses which are to be posted on social media, so is this really a case in which virtual likes will transform into real appreciation?

People will only see a façade when they hit that like button, and that does not necessarily bring any justice to the person, as it is only a representation. And quite a fake one. People usually want to feel like they are a part of something, and on social media especially, they construct themselves as being the likeable type of people, who are over-achievers and who look good, so basically, traits everybody seeks. The problem intervenes in the moment in which a person does this solely for the sake of posting, without actually doing something to achieve what s/he ideally wants in real life, which is quite a downfall. While desperately looking for a perfect façade, people forget they can do this for real and make it become less than just an ideal to hold on to.

The online person should reflect the offline person, and that from every perspective. What is time invested into a fake and ideal online personality should be time invested into a real and ideal personality, this through accomplishing different goals which are usually seen as “ideal”. Want that car which you have just taken a picture of and posted on Facebook? Go earn the money you need in order to have, do not just dream about it. Indeed, it is always easier to dream rather than be persistent about a thing and do something which takes time and energy.


Diana Rusu

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